Sunday, February 14, 2016

Give a Girl a Journal

My favourite creative living coach, Jamie Ridler of has launched an initiative around what has been a constant in my life: journaling.

Her program is called Give a Girl a Journal. The idea is that if we provide young girls with their very own journal to write, draw - be creative in, a means of expressing themselves that's just for them, the possibilities for what it can bring to their lives, is endless.

I have kept a journal since I was about ten, I think. My first was a yellowish-coloured, small hardcover book, with the dates marked off and a few lines for each. It was probably meant more as a date book, but I used it to record happenings in my life. An early entry read, in very awkward printing, "I got two teef pulled today".

I started writing more consistently in middle school when adolescence is waning and new thoughts and emotions appear, and the teenage years take hold. I started in exercise books that I made pretty covers for out of wrapping paper. I moved on to a variety of different, more attractive journals that are so enticing in the store. I occasionally still buy one of these books to add to my collection. But my favourite go-to now is a Moleskine large, hard-covered lined journal. I think the paper quality is not quite as good as it used to be, but it still takes gel pen well and it doesn't try to be anything else other than a place for my thoughts and emotions.

I've had some health struggles in my life, including now, where my journal has helped me stay on course. Depression has been one of those factors, and keeping a journal has been an important tool to help me through it. I haven't been much for re-reading old entries, but now I think it's time to start revisiting the work of my life, and see the lessons I have learned.

If you would like to spread some do-good and be a part of this program, please visit Jamie's site at to either sponsor a girl to receive a journal, or nominate someone you know who would benefit. Give a girl a journal, inspire possibility. The program launches on today, Sunday, February 14th.


Sunday, July 26, 2015

New project on the hook: Convergence Top

I have been wanting to make The Convergence Top for a couple of years now. It's a modern looking item and would be a good addition to my wardrobe. And it's crocheted!

The pattern is from Interweave Crochet.

My favourite local yarn store, Pudding Yarn was having its annual Stampede Sale, so the Noro was on sale. Yippee!

 I didn't manage to get the colourway that was used in Interweave's photo, but  I like the one I did choose.

I did start the pattern right away. However, I seem to be having trouble with gauge and sizing. My swatch turns out perfectly, but when I go to make the size that I think I would need, it seems HUGE.
Luckily there is an article in the new Simply Crochet, currently my favourite magazine for new patterns, about sizing garments. I will let you know how I progress!

My first online sale!!

I was very excited this week to learn I had made a sale in my long standing Etsy shop!

I went ahead a few years ago, and got a banner up and made some steps towards policies, pricing, shipping etc. I photographed a few things, but I only renewed items a couple of times after posting. Then in the winter this year, I decided to try again, but didn't post any corresponding blog posts nor did I do much advertising/social media.

So I was thrilled, in the midst of a more stressful week, that somewhere, someone had found my shop and liked what they saw.

I had a lot of fun packaging up the items and getting them ready for shipment to their new owner.

It's a small accomplishment, but it lets me know that I should keep on with this hobby business of mine. It's a good feeling. 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

On Happiness

It's the first day of Spring, and also the International Day of Happiness! Lots to celebrate.

Winter, even though it's being really stubborn, will eventually wane and Spring will arrive. We have had glimpses of what's to come, a week or so ago, so we can hold on to those warm memories until Spring really IS here.

And a whole day dedicated to being happy. As someone who has dealt with depression for long periods of time, I know that finding happy can be very challenging. So if you haven't already, list three things you're grateful for right now, smile even if you don't feel like it, find something funny to make you laugh. Hug someone you like or love.

Here's a video from Jamie Ridler at, someone who always makes me smile:

Keep smiling and be happy!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Knit Your Own Cat

This is such a good idea on so many levels. Since I am allergic to animals, a knitted cat might do the trick. Unfortunately, I only crochet. Knit Your Own Cat by Sally Muir and Joanna Osborne

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Hunger Games

Hunger Games inspired necklace by ArtCity2011 on

I am right in there with they hype for the Hunger Games. I am currently looking for a job so I needed a novel that was engaging, but not too taxing. When that kind of reading is in order, I turn to Young Adult fiction. This one does not disappoint.

The subject matter initially seems really dark, and rather surprising considering its target audience. However, I got over that part fast and was readily swept up in the page-turning plot.

I'm really curious about this new type of genre where 'reality' is set within a fiction. You will have to read the book to know what I mean. Television shows are starting to explore this. I can't stand much reality tv, but I like it when it's fictional. I also think a good discussion could be started on how the book relates to our global climate, but its more fun to look at all of the items on Etsy that were created with the Hunger Games in mind.

I'm off to read a little more of Catching Fire, the second novel in the series.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

I am frustrated today

I was reading through that last post of mine. It seems that when I make any kind of declaration - especially public, I crumble under the pressure and avoid the said declaration at all costs. I have been working on plenty of projects, although a lot of them have been personal. Nothing wrong with that of course, it's just not moving me forward towards my personal/professional goals. I do have a lot of projects that are ready to go for the shop, but I am stalling on the pictures. I need to take some good pictures. I am capable of taking good pictures, but I haven't done a lot of product photography. I spend a lot of time - way too much time - worrying about outcome, instead of JUST DOING. Which is a big thing in art isn't it?
I am hoping to find some more courage through Stephanie Levy's Creative Courage e-course. I am feeling rather stuck and I am hoping for a little loosening of my reins. Putting some paint on paper may help. I am hoping my blog doesn't turn into a place for me to whine about being stuck. Because that would be pretty boring.